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Khaled Abed is a Palestinian artist based in Vienna, Austria. He is a tenor (tenore lyrico spinto) and sings opera in the tradition of Italian bel Canto. Currently, he is studying with Ljerka Cenčić and Maestro Maksimiljan Cenčić. He has been studying oud with the Iraqi Maestro Asim Al-Chalabi since 2007. As a musician, Khaled Abed’s interest extends beyond the interpretation of musical works and, thus, he has taken up composition. Ever since he was a child, his exceptional talent for dance and movement has always led him to self-expression through various choreographies.

Khaled Abed has a Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Studies from the University of Vienna, and is currently writing his Masters thesis in Arabic Studies. Having an exceptional insight and interest in languages and grammar, his writings encompass both philosophical and literary texts as well as poetry in three languages.